Monthly Archives: October 2011

Job Satisfaction

I was thinking just now how fortunate I am to like where I work. My wife likes where she works and between us we work about 46 hours a week. I teach on Mondays another 3 hours. So things are fine right now. I cannot complain. Which is probably why I post very little. I […]

I Take a Nap

If I can I take a nap in the afternoon. Plain and simple it helps me out. Up early and to bed late I need that hour in the afternoon. Maybe when I was 21 I didn’t need it but your body changes as you get older. To do this business at the high tempo […]

I Would Never Order This But it is Surprisingly Good

Last week during bartending class I was making cream based cocktails and I made one that I make each year for the class to taste. It is an oldie but goodie. So good in fact you really can’t taste the alcohol in it but it packs a punch. Out of all the cocktails I made […]

Teaching and Other Good Things

Well the bartending class I teach is going great. I have a group of enthusiastic students who are right there from beginning to end and don’t even want to stop for a break. I had a great week at work. The income was excellent and things are picking up where my wife is working lunches. […]

Say Something Positive

To get the guest to warm up to you say something positive when greeting them. Show some energy. Get them smiling. If you can do that the rest of the serving stuff will be easier.

Busy Last Night

I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was Ghaddafi’s passing or everyone got a raise but the place was humming last night. Good to see on a Thursday night. Let’s hope it continues right through Christmas. By the way no one has gotten the answers right on the quiz yet. The only way you […]

October 19 Newsletter

Sign Up Today! * required Email Address: * In this week’s newsletter I have included a quiz like I use to have featured about a year ago. The questions are just as hard but I have a little surprise for you if you get them alright. In order to take the quiz you have to […]

Taking the Order

If I have a table that has ordered drinks and it will be a couple of minutes before I can get them from the bartender if they are ready to order some food I will take the order beforehand. Every second counts when you are busy. I will usually ask if while I am waiting […]

Expect the Worst and Hope for the Best

As a waiter and bartender you have to keep your emotions in check. There is nothing worse than seeing someone getting worked up and their night unravelling because something did not go right. Expect that something will not go right before your shift begins and spend all your night getting ready and trying to prevent […]

The Weekly Newsletter

Okay this is my first newsletter that will come out each Wednesday. Click on the title to view and it will pop up. Tell me what you think. Good or bad. Thanks