Monthly Archives: January 2011

People Don’t Ask Me Stupid Questions

I am bringing a steak to someone else’s table and I am asked if this is the well done one. My answer is I cannot tell by looking as I don’t have x-ray vision but by the time you cut into it your waiter will be here shortly to check on how everything is. Another […]

What a Great Shift That Was!

I started at 5:45 tonight and was driving home at 9:20. Not even 4 hours and I walked out of there with $172 in my pocket. You gotta like that. Last night was another 4 hours and I walked out with $130. So I am on a bit of a roll so far this week. […]

Wayne Gretzky Scores 50 goals in 39 games

Happy 50th Birthday Wayne Gretzky! I remember this night against Philly.

What Motivates You?

I will tell you what motivates me to wait on tables. It is getting paid every night. When you are young it might be for the beer and party too but later on it is all about the money. Getting paid every night is instant gratification. You can put gas in your car or pay […]

This Was Weird

A couple of weeks ago I took an order from a couple of people. I repeated the order back to them and punched it in. They got their food and I did my quality check and they were pleased. I was buzzing around the table filling up coffee and asking if they wanted a beer. […]

A Calamity Avoided

Back in 2006 I had just graduated earning my diploma with the International Sommelier Guild. I worked hard to get it with 5 intensive exams to pass with over a 60% grade. Essays to write , blind tastings , serving wine the proper way in front of judges , a tricky multiple choice , and […]

No Matter How Stupid It Is Just Do This One Thing

Just take the order and let the kitchen worry about it. Don’t make decisions , don’t overthink , don’t try to change or word it differently. Just take the order with all the modifiers and holds and allergies etc… Just put it in the system and let the kitchen worry about it. We as waiters […]