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Quiz Day

This week’s Thursday quiz will be followed by answers 24 hours from now so everyone has a chance to participate. Hope you are all having fun and getting in the festive spirit. Here is goes. 1. Hops in beer only come from the flower and leaves of the hop plant. Now what purpose do hops […]

6 More Quizzes to Go in 2009

Okay here is the 6th to last as I am not going to do one on New Year’s Eve. No way and we will all be working anyway , right? Speaking of waiters and bartenders of course and the kitchen brigade. 1. When you hear of Jews’s-ear fungus , what type of food are we […]

Thursday Quiz

Here you go for this week’s quiz. 1. An Americano cocktail and a Negroni cocktail both have sweet vermouth and campari in them. What liquor does the Negroni have that the Americano does not? 2. CrĂ©py is a light bodied white wine that can be made slightly sparkling coming from the slopes of the Haute […]

Here Is The Tuesday Quiz

Okay I have done the dishes and made the little guy’s lunch and now it is time for the quiz. Good luck! 1. In the Beaujolais wine region of France what is the dominant grape variety? 2. Galliano is of what flavour? 3. Which grape variety needs a longer growing season , Merlot or Cabernet […]

The Tuesday Quiz

Here it is! It is time to put your brains to work again. Good luck. 1. This liqueur is made from the local brandy , naartjies ( a local variety of tangerine ) , spices and herbs , and has a pale yellow colour. Dutch colonists tried to recreate their homeland favourite , Cointreau , […]

It Is The Tuesday Quiz

Okay here we go with another edition of the Tuesday Questions and Answers. Are you ready? 1. Grappa is to Italy what Marc is to France and _________ is to Portugal. A hint is all are brandies made from the pomace of grapes. 2. What is the name given to the pasta that is shaped […]

It is the Tuesday Quiz

Well last week’s first instalment was fun and some of you are pretty smart out there in blog land so I am happy to tantalize those brain cells out there again this week. The answers will appear later on this evening so here it goes. Good luck! 1. Grappa as we know is made from […]