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I Have New Year’s Eve Off

At work the schedules are posted thru till the first week in January so everyone can make plans. I took a look and I am off the 25th,26th,27th and work the 28th and 29th. Then I am off the 30th which I requested and the 1st because I figured I would be working the 31st. […]

New Year’s Eve

I got home at 12:15 last night and for the first time my kids were still up so it was very special to share the moment with them. At work I walked out with $380. This morning I am hobbling around. Didn’t get to sleep till 4 this morning. Well bring on 2012!

The First Time In 10 Years

I got another call from work the following day on my second day off in a row. I called them back this time knowing there was no way I could get into work , unlike the night before when they found someone else by the time I called them back. There is swimming and piano […]