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A Dream Close

The other night I was closing and had no new table for close to two hours. Then just when I thought we were close to shutting the dining room a couple walk in. Alright I guess I am here for a while longer I thought. The thing was not so much what the time was […]

I Am Tired of Closing

With the exception of tonight I have been either the pre-closer or closer this week and my five shifts next week are 3 closes and 2 pre-closes. Not that I mind terribly but it will be nice to get out a bit earlier tonight as I am 6th up from the bottom. Should I be […]

Don’t Try To Screw Me Around

Tonight I was the closer and I have to sign off every one’s read out signifying they have completed their side job. I mentioned to the supervisor that when she takes the cash out report from this particular one to make sure that I have signed it. So I see this waitress walking back to […]