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The Bartending Course

I know I live in a bedroom community where people are too busy to think about taking a bar tending course but for the 2nd consecutive semester no one appears to be registering for the course that I teach. Now I know people are looking for ways to make extra money out there but I […]

Tom Collins – Shaken Not Stirred

I don’t have much to say tonight. I got stuck with a table that sat there past midnight. The bar waitress told me she had the same people last night and they sat around forever yesterday too. Finally got them out a quarter past midnight so I am a bit knackered. I made good cash […]

Some More Drink Recipes Part 3

Okay the last couple of weeks I have posted some drink recipes. Maybe some you thought might be kind of neat to try and others just forget about it. Here are four more that I would like to post. The Hipster 1 oz Absolut Pears Vodka1/2 oz Hypnotiq Liqueur1/2 oz Apricot Brandy1 oz Passion Fruit […]

A Few More Drink Recipes

As promised last week here are a few more recipes. They consist of some Martinis and different variations of your Bloody Caesar. All these martinis are 2 oz alcohol or your preference. All are shaken. Blue Wave Martini Sagatiba CachacaGrand MarnierBlue CuracaoFreshly squeezed lemon juiceEgg white froth Kiwi Tini Absolut Citron VodkaMelon LiqueurLimoncelloKiwi fruit muddledWhite […]

Canada’s Discovery

It is the 40th anniversary this week of a cocktail concocted by a Calgary bartender called the Bloody Caesar. Unknown to most of the world here is the recipe below. Bloody Caesar Rim a highball with celery salt first then add ice cubes. Pour 1 measure of Vodka2-3 dashes of Worcestshire Sauce2-3 drops of TobascoA […]

Drink of the Week

For those hot summer days coming up here is an old standby you can always count on to refreshen your palate and quench your thirst. Fuzzy Navel In a long tall glass half filled with ice pour , 1 oz Vodka1 0z Peach Schnapps Fill with cold Orange Juice and garnish with a slice of […]

The Quiz

The Tuesday quiz is here again. Where do the weeks go! 1. This liqueur takes it’s name from one of the whiskies mentioned in Sir Compton Mackenzie’s book ” Whiskey Galore.” It is a blend of Speyside Whiskey and fermented comb honey. What is the name of this liqueur? 2. This liqueur is produced in […]