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Try Disarming the Guest This Way

When I have been having a table that has complained about the meal and had it bought for them afterwards and consumed a free dessert on top of it , I always say this when I present the bill. But for it to work you have to be completely sincere because if you are not […]

Don’t Talk During This Moment

When the guest is settling the bill it is important not to talk. If you talk while the person is signing the credit card slip or putting their pin number in the debit machine you could actually blow the tip amount the guest might have left. You may say something that could lead them to […]

When You Present the Bill Do You Do This?

Write happy holidays with a smiley face. Or draw a happy face with a big thank you and exclamation point. I don’t write anything on the back of the cheque when I present it in a bill fold. I just say thank you and have a great Christmas or whatever occasion it may be. Either […]