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A Big Move and a Long Flight – Chapter 39

As some of you might know I have been writing my story since last March and now I am on Chapter 39 nearing the end of this long memoir detailing some of the crazy things I got myself in. So just for fun rather than have people sign up for the email sent out each […]


I was listening to the radio the other day while driving to work and Rick Mercer was talking about his book. Now most Canadians know him as a comedian who has his own comedy show. Featured on his show is a rant. That is when he talks full out for a couple of minutes on […]

Why Sometimes You Got to Call it a Night

Tonight I went into work and came straight back home. I was the closer and like the night before saw I was not going to get many tables. The other night I was frustrated and closed having only served 4 tables. Tonight I traded with someone and left without serving any tables. I start earlier […]

This Happens More Than You Think

The other day where my wife works someone called in after eating at her restaurant two weeks ago. It was another server but anyway the lady says she thinks she overtipped $10 and would like that amount back in the form of a gift card. The waiter had to buy her a gift card for […]

I Ordered the Salad

I get this table the other night. We have a feature Dungeness Crab Menu. I am taking the order for this 6 top. The lady says what I thought was Sirloin Dungeness Dinner. I repeat it back to her while writing it down. I ask her how she wants her steak cooked. She answers medium […]

Mother’s Day is Over

Now is the time of year to relax a bit. Sure there is Father’s Day which is not as big as yesterday. There are a couple of summer holidays as well but everyone is out barbecuing. The bartending course is in full swing. I am working and teaching 6 nights a week. But on June […]

Chapter 7 Coming up Friday

I have only just gotten to the end of 1981 with this chapter. Read and see what happens when everyone is partying in the disco back in 1981. You can subscribe to the right in the box. Just enter your email and double opt-in when you get the return email confirming your subscription. You will […]