Monthly Archives: September 2011

I Won The Football Pool and Soon I Will Win the Lotto

So last weekend I decided to play the football pool at work. It is not on the point spread but we simply try to pick the winning team and the tie breaker is the Monday night game on total points. As usual you have the people who are looking at the injury reports and home […]

I Am Happy For This Street In the Next Town From Where I Live

The bartending course started on Monday night for me and goes on for 10 weeks. I have been teaching the course for 4 years now. I only have the bare minimum 6 right now but 4 of them all got together and decided to take the course. When they all started calling each other by […]

Moon Size Comparison

Here is a cool video from youtube on what some of the planets would look like if they were the same distance from the Earth as our moon. Don’t freak out when you see Jupiter. Just imagine having that as our moon!

Won Myself a Free Dinner

Well the voice audition didn’t go as well as I had hoped. He gave me some scripts to read and I don’t know whether it was the cold I was getting over or the frog in my throat but he kept saying talk in your normal voice. Ahem , I am right now it must […]

Voice Audition Wednesday

Okay so I made the call and I have a voice audition on Wednesday. They are looking for some voice talent so I am going in to read some scripts and see how I sound. If I sound good enough I may be the voice you hear in the Rabba stores here in the Greater […]

An Unexpected Offer

So I am serving this table on Friday night. Halfway through the meal he ask me if this is all I do is wait on tables. I reply back that I also teach bartending but yes this is my main gig waiting on tables. He then says that I have a good radio voice. My […]

Just Before the 21st Minute

Have a look if you missed it. My two minutes of notoriety captured on the television last night. The full episode is available to watch. Not sure if it is yet available outside Canada because it might be shown in the States later. In that case they may have put a block on it. My […]