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Always Tell The Supervisor

Three nights ago I had this table of 10. Some arrived early and ordered some drinks that was followed shortly thereafter by the rest of the crowd. The first few brought a cake for the girl with the seventeenth birthday. Oh joy! So I put it in the fridge as it was her favourite cake […]

Monday’s Job History

For the last few months I have been recapping my job history in the hospitality industry from when I started in 1979 to where I left off last week at the year 2000. This is where it ends. Yes folks the next few years both work wise and financially were not great. A litany of […]

So Why Should You Stay in Hell’s Kitchen?

I know some of you out there have seen Hell’s Kitchen with chef Gordon Ramsay asking that question to two people chosen by their respective teams to be booted off that night. It is a fair question to ask. In fact , it is the only question a prospective employer should be asking someone who […]

The Two Most Important Times of the Day Someone in Charge Has to Be In the Restaurant

Okay maybe it’s just me but there is some places that everyone has worked at where the restaurant serves breakfast , lunch , and dinner like the inn where my wife works. There is perhaps a Restaurant Manager and 3 Supervisors. When my wife opens for breakfast there is always the problem that the night […]

What Food and Beverage Waiters Should Have

Going back to work last night after the car accident the night before especially with my head feeling a bit funny might not have been the wisest thing to do but I had to do it. With a family to support and the inconsistent income a waiter is subjected to one cannot afford to miss […]

Feature versus Special

A lot of restaurants have an appetizer or entree that is not on the menu that changes on a frequent basis and it up to the service personnel to communicate this to the guest. Sometimes these chef creations are on a board displayed so all can see , or maybe it is an insert in […]