The Bartending Course

I know I live in a bedroom community where people are too busy to think about taking a bar tending course but for the 2nd consecutive semester no one appears to be registering for the course that I teach.

Now I know people are looking for ways to make extra money out there but I am beginning to wonder how they think they are going to earn some additional cash. Then a thought crossed my mind.

Is it because there is such a demand for service personnel that employers are willing to take anyone that comes in off the street and is willing to train them right from scratch. Well I don’t think that is entirely true. That anyone has to look good and have a personality and a pleasant disposition.

But if I take a look out there most young people although they may have the aforementioned qualities are not looking for bar tending jobs. I mean bar tending has nothing to do with computers. You cannot take a drink order from Facebook , Face time , Skype or Twitter.

The one thing I have noticed that is different from when I took the bar tending course is back some years ago people had developed the art of sarcasm to a high level. You have to have some sarcasm to be in this industry and by that I mean with all the dumb people you serve over a length of a time if you do not have a sarcastic sense of humor you will just get so angry your life could be seriously affected. The server will just become bitter.

Fewer people nowadays are sarcastic and I mean that being sarcastic in a nice way. Many young people just take things too literal. I mean they message someone and if there is some misunderstanding or a joke has been made the other person can take it way too seriously instead of just giving it back to the other person. They take rejection badly. If they are stiffed on a bill in the restaurant their whole life sucks and they are gone.

I joke and say wow I got a $5 tip on that $200 bill. Isn’t that awesome and everyone laughs and then it is on to the next table.

To be a bar tender or waiter you can’t take things seriously. A lot of young people do. They cannot have fun as much without putting a price tag on everything.

All I can say is when I started out bar tending it was just to meet others and have some fun. I didn’t think I would be serving food and beverage to others 33 years later.

What I would like to say is just get off the computer for a minute and do something where you can meet people face to face. Engage in a conversation that requires an answer that is longer than 140 characters and people can look you in the eye and know your status. Debate with another one. Agree to disagree and don’t be hurt if the other person comes up with a good point of view.

Bar tending can become an avenue to learn of far flung lands from people who have been there. It will expand your horizons and open the world to you. You can learn how to talk and communicate with others that will help you in your next job interview. The art of talking is being lost hiding behind a laptop.

Get off the twitter for a moment….

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