Monthly Archives: March 2010

It Has Been Totally Awesome!

It has been a week since my last post. The next day I was going to post something but with the kids out for Spring break I decided to delay it a day. Then the next day came and I didn’t post anything and the whole week just continued like that. For the past year […]

I Think I Won Again

Yes that is right another contest for highest average check was held this week and unless someone makes a huge night tonight I obtained the highest. This month I said this was going to be a good month and so far it is. Today enjoying my third day off in March. I have been upsizing […]

The Job Interview Of A Lifetime ( A Short Story )

I couldn’t believe my stroke of good luck when Stephen Peter telephoned me from Switzerland to ask me if I wanted to join Renaissance Cruises on their new ship being built in Italy. Here I was unemployed in Jasper Alberta during the slow season. The restaurant where I was working had closed for the winter […]

Never Ask A Waiter If He Is Too Busy To Take Another Table

I just got triple sat and one of the tables was a party of 10. The GM comes over and ask if I can do it. Of course I can I replied. I am in the weeds big time. I have tables all over the place and somehow I have to take this order from […]

A Dream Close

The other night I was closing and had no new table for close to two hours. Then just when I thought we were close to shutting the dining room a couple walk in. Alright I guess I am here for a while longer I thought. The thing was not so much what the time was […]

Read Your Guests

The other night we got slammed and the kitchen was running behind. I had this couple who had a some appetizers and salad and were waiting for their main course to arrive. My other table got their food and I was running food all around in that area to different tables. I saw them start […]

CNN Article

Here is a waiter article I participated in that has been posted today. Unfortunately it lacks a link back to the blog but I enjoyed adding a few comments to help out. Just click on the title to view the article. I found it amusing the restaurant that wanted to ban a bad tipper. Waiting […]