Monthly Archives: November 2011

A Quiz

This week’s quiz featured in last week’s newsletter. 1. Sancerre from the Loire Valley is of the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety. What is the cheese that is the classic food pairing with this wine? 2. What is the name of the apple brandy that comes from Normandy France?3. What is the region in Italy that […]

I Find I Need Less Sleep

When I am working I usually hit the hay close to 1 AM and wake up about 7 especially on the school days when the kids are getting ready for school. On the Friday and Saturday nights my work hours end later and it being busier I find it harder to get to sleep earlier […]

80 Is the New 65

Recently on the news there was a report out that many people will have to work till their 80 before they can retire. Hence 80 being the new 65. Actually that wouldn’t be a bad thing cause if I can still do at 80 what I can do now that would mean I’d be in […]

Happy Thanksgiving to my Friends in the States!

A Sampling of a Wine Review from the Weekly Newsletter

KortaReserveEstate Bottled, 2009Cabernet SauvignonLontu√© Valley – Sagrada FamiliaChile 14.5% My aim each week is to pick up a bottle that cost less than $20 at the LCBO here in Ontario so for this week I chose this wine that was a mere $13.75. There are still good valued Chilean wines to taste as opposed to […]

That’s 3 Saturdays in a Row

Three Saturdays in a row when I made over $200. The last table left me $30 which put me over the top. My sales were net $1460 and after tipping out $54 I walked out with $205. That is okay.

I Figured it Out

I figured it out how I am going to write this book. It is going to be from 1979 to 1996. It starts when I took the bar tending course till I left the cruise ships. It is going to have a lot of stuff in it. I am letting it all out. All the […]

Stick to the Routine

The one thing I like about only getting one day off a week is you can build momentum. Momentum to make money. You get into a routine. When you are in a routine you don’t get sick or anything like that. When you get one day off then 2 days later get another your body […]

A Guest Service Tip from Last Week’s Newsletter

Here is a tip I shared in my newsletter last week. I often find when you serve a meat that is cooked to a degree of doneness that when you do a quality check you have to wait just a bit longer before seeing if the guest is happy. Sometimes when you check too early […]

It Paid to Take That Last Table

Tonight was going badly. I had a table stiff me on a $186 bill. He hid the handheld while he was doing his debit. It declined once and then he did it again and left me nothing. It looked like I was not going to do well. The supervisor ask if I want this table […]