What an Unbelieveable Table I Had Last Night !

It is really slow but I get this 8 top. The people all work for this company so they are out having a celebratory dinner. They order drinks, wine, appetizers, big entrees and dessert. I give them the bill and they leave me a tip of $124. Great I thought. Real happy and a big tip on a slow night.

I am billing my last table and I notice that I punched their 2 entrees on the bill I just closed on the 8 top.

Shit I thought what a stupid thing to do. So I call the manager over and explain what I did. The group was still there. I overcharged them about $75 dollars on their bill. The manager goes over and explains what I did as well as I apologizing for my mistake feeling foolish.

Well instead of doing the payment over again showing the correct amount they all say listen just give that whatever the amount was and add it to Steven’s tip. The manager says are you sure and I say the same and they all agree and just concur that I should get it.

When does that ever happen? Such nice people to do that. So in essence being always honest pays off. Because I was and I gave them exceptional service I made an extra $75.

You know there are some super people we get a chance to serve in this industry!

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