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The Answer to The Question on Tuesday

The answer to the quiz is the Airport. And that is where my new job is going to be. I gave my notice tonight to start working in a couple of weeks in a restaurant in the Airport. It is exciting. High turnover , people going on vacation , it is like a ship on […]

Flipping The Tables Tonight

I made after tip out $178 serving 45 guests during the evening. It seems like no one in my section wanted to drink alcohol tonight. Pepsi and diet pepsi and that was it. No ice and with ice. I had a low average cheque cause of it but what can you do. You gotta give […]

Gotta Love Gift Cards

The place was packed tonight. Must have been a 2 hour wait , longer than anytime the past couple of months. Nice tips and I guess there were a lot of gift cards under the tree cause everyone had one. Didn’t hurt the average cheque as people were eating like kings tonight. People are still […]