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I Felt Like a Millionaire

Last night it was really busy. I am about to give the check to this table and I pull out a bill fold on the pile. In it there is $10. There was no one around so I decide to put the bill into my wallet for safekeeping. The evening continues on and no one […]

I Figured it Out

I figured it out how I am going to write this book. It is going to be from 1979 to 1996. It starts when I took the bar tending course till I left the cruise ships. It is going to have a lot of stuff in it. I am letting it all out. All the […]

Job Satisfaction

I was thinking just now how fortunate I am to like where I work. My wife likes where she works and between us we work about 46 hours a week. I teach on Mondays another 3 hours. So things are fine right now. I cannot complain. Which is probably why I post very little. I […]

New Website

Just click on the title to redirect you to the web site. There are videos and a weekly newsletter you can subscribe to at the bottom of the subscribe page. My 9 year old son Adam and I did a pretty good job I think. Tell me what you think.

I Used to Dance to This One Back in 81

When I was bartending in the disco this song use to come on and everyone use to hit the dance floor. It was during that song that the people who were sitting around use to get up and then the night use to begin. The steamy heat from the dance floor and the strobe lights […]

It’s Always Comes Back to the Decision

I know for some being just good at many things is important. Being able to do one task pretty good and then another also as good is seen as an advantage over the next person. For many good reasons they are right. You probably would never be unemployed , be broke , or whatever else […]

I Need Your Help Or Anybody Out There Who Likes Making Cocktails?

I want to write something that would interest people about something I have done or know about. I have narrowed it down to a few possibilities. One would be an instructional bartending book with recipes and an attached video. Or just the video alone. I know someone who would help me with the video. This […]