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Natalie Maclean’s December 17th Newsletter

Here is the holiday version of the wine newsletter with all sorts of suggestions to what to buy at Christmas.

Empower Your Weakest Server

You have a weak server on the floor. You know this just because that person seems to be holding back a bit. They appear to be hesitant in their manner and not going for it. Maybe scared of making a mistake. It could be this person is still not sure if this is the right […]

The Answers to Today’s Quiz

Okay here it goes. The answers you have been waiting for. Hard wasn’t it? 1. This liqueur’s name is Van der Hum which roughly translated from the Afrikaans means “what’s-his-name.” 2. Cerasella is the Italian liqueur that I am sure was on the tip of your tongue. 3. That Japanese spirit made from fermented sweet […]

The Tuesday Quiz

Here it is! It is time to put your brains to work again. Good luck. 1. This liqueur is made from the local brandy , naartjies ( a local variety of tangerine ) , spices and herbs , and has a pale yellow colour. Dutch colonists tried to recreate their homeland favourite , Cointreau , […]

Answers to This Morning’s Quiz

Okay here we go once again with the answers to the quiz questions earlier today. 1. The main flavour component aside from a few herbs in Fior d’Alpi are the flowers that come from the region. Fior in italian means flower so literally, ” flowers of the Alps.” 2. Irish whiskey is the only whiskey […]

It Is That Time Again – The Quiz

Okay here we go with the Tuesday quiz. The quiz that is both interesting and useless at the same time because most of these questions however interesting they may be , offer no real help in the day to day service we provide to the patron who comes for food and drink in our establishment. […]

A Good Night Tonight

Tonight was a good night. I opened at 3 PM and had a 4 table section. Three deuces and a four top. My sales were $1490 and I did 38 covers over 17 tables.My tip out was $52 and I walked out with $247 at 9:15. What am I nuts to change jobs!!! I am […]