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The Middle Class is Getting Squeezed More and More

It is becoming more and more apparent that the middle class is getting squeezed. We got a hit in August and usually September and October it would work up till Christmas but honestly until December 10th rolls around it is only the weekends. I am more aware of looking for sales when I shop for […]

Instant Gratification As Opposed to Delayed Gratification

For a long time I was always taught that you should lean toward  things that delayed gratification. Do the work now and eventually it will pay off in the years ahead of you. When you go to University you spend a few years learning your craft then hopefully you come out and find a good […]

It Was Time To Go

Aside from the fact I am moving on to a location which will be all the time busy and secure a better income for us down the road , with the wife home from work I was just not able to keep up with the bills where I was. It wasn’t like I was making […]

What Inspired You?

I have been doing some reading lately on others who have written bestselling books. Well actually only one so far that I completed yesterday which was the Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. What I found most interesting was how he was inspired to become a cook in the first place by trying that Vichyssoise on […]