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Give You and the Guest Time

When carrying out the dinner service I find it impolite to rush people through their meal. Like having their entree arrive while they are still eating their appetizer. Nothing worse than making the guests feel rushed and hurried like you want them out the door. If the guest has ordered something hot like a French […]

The Quiz Answers

Okay here we go with the answers to yesterday’s quiz. 1. It is a mushroom. 2. Caraway seed flavoured liqueur is called Kummel. 3. Mauzac is the white wine grape variety I am looking for. 4. Espagnole sauce. 5. Portugal is the world’s leading supplier of cork. There you have it.

6 More Quizzes to Go in 2009

Okay here is the 6th to last as I am not going to do one on New Year’s Eve. No way and we will all be working anyway , right? Speaking of waiters and bartenders of course and the kitchen brigade. 1. When you hear of Jews’s-ear fungus , what type of food are we […]

Why I Always Want to Work at Fullspeed

You know some people during service have to have their chit chat or their smoke break instead of moving that table of theirs’ along so that they will get up and leave eventually. There always is something you can do like clear the empty glass , get the person another drink , clear the plates […]

A Nice 2-3 Hour Wait Tonight

After a rather slow Friday we got rocked tonight. I had a section that was the speed section with one 4 top and 3 deuces. Not much right , but I did 16 tables tonight flipping them like a stack of pancakes. At the end of the night sold $1388 , tipped out $55 and […]

Here Are Two Good Questions to Ask In an Interview

A lot of the times when waiters go for an interview we go to places without trying to figure out how much we may actually make in that place. Unless the place is super busy all the time and we needn’t worry about whether it will fill our pockets and sustain us and pay our […]

This Week’s Quiz Answers

1. The North American grape species is Vitis Labrusca. 2. Phylloxera was the deadly insect and the remedy was to bring American rootstocks over to Europe and graft them with the Vitis Vinifera varieties. Phylloxera cannot harm American rootstocks nor any rootstock that is in sandy soil. So we can say if it wasn’t for […]

A Very Nice Ending to Five in a Row

Went in to open at 1:45 today , something I haven’t done since the spring , and got a few tables right off the bat at 3:00. At the end of it all I walked out with $127 after tipping out $32 to the house. I got cut around 7:15 but had to hang around […]

Just Five Tables

Tonight I was revved up to go. It’s Friday night and it is rock time! I am in at 5:15 and I get this section in the corner. Then I waited and waited to be sat. Then I got a 3 top that sat there for 2 hours and a deuce right after the 3 […]

Now That Is Much Better!

Tonight , after getting my bad night out of the way last night , is setting me up for a good 5 days in a row. Yesterday as you may recall I walked out with a paltry sum so tonight was looking for something better and I got it. I had a 5 table section […]