Monthly Archives: October 2011

Taking the Order

If I have a table that has ordered drinks and it will be a couple of minutes before I can get them from the bartender if they are ready to order some food I will take the order beforehand. Every second counts when you are busy. I will usually ask if while I am waiting […]

Expect the Worst and Hope for the Best

As a waiter and bartender you have to keep your emotions in check. There is nothing worse than seeing someone getting worked up and their night unravelling because something did not go right. Expect that something will not go right before your shift begins and spend all your night getting ready and trying to prevent […]

The Weekly Newsletter

Okay this is my first newsletter that will come out each Wednesday. Click on the title to view and it will pop up. Tell me what you think. Good or bad. Thanks

New Website

Just click on the title to redirect you to the web site. There are videos and a weekly newsletter you can subscribe to at the bottom of the subscribe page. My 9 year old son Adam and I did a pretty good job I think. Tell me what you think.

New Web Site and Newsletter

Hoping on Wednesday I can get this new website and newsletter started. It should be fun and exciting to say the least. The newsletter will happen once a week providing a cocktail of the week , customer service tip , something on wine , and a commentary of some sort yet to be decided. Tomorrow […]

Here is The Uncut Version of My Customer Service Take

So I was on television about a month ago and I get the DVD and I see they cut 8 minutes off the show for commercials. Because of that they cut some of my part out which I think really makes the point. So I have it on my youtube station so clink on the […]

I Used to Dance to This One Back in 81

When I was bartending in the disco this song use to come on and everyone use to hit the dance floor. It was during that song that the people who were sitting around use to get up and then the night use to begin. The steamy heat from the dance floor and the strobe lights […]