Monthly Archives: August 2009

What is Strange About This?

The host came up to me the other night and asked how many tables I had?

The Host Is Right

Last night I get a small , stupid section of 3 tables. One of the tables was already started by another waiter who was in earlier than I and that table was not mine until 2 hours after my start time. Therefore I really only had two tables to work with for the longest time. […]

I Get To Do This

A lot of people who wait on tables or tend bar start out doing it so they could get themselves through school or maybe as a second income just to make some money to pay off some debt or save up for a trip. Or like me they just get in cause it is easy […]


Last night I returned to work after a couple of days off and saw a waiter I hadn’t seen in over a week. I figured that he took a few days off or we were just working opposite shifts so I asked him what he was up to. He just returned from being suspended because […]

The Answers To This Morning’s Quiz

How did you do? Except for the last one they were all one word answers. 1. The fruit I was looking for that originated from a tropical tree in India is the Jackfruit. 2. If I was in France and preparing a jalousie I would be working in the Pastry Department. 3. To make that […]

Tuesday Quiz

Okay here it goes. The last one before school starts a week from today. Get ready. 1. What is the name of the fruit of a tropical tree which originated in India? It is oval in shape and studded with small protuberances and can weigh up to 30 kg. It can be blanched and then […]

Lousy Tippers and a Championship In Soccer

Suffice to say that recently I have been experiencing a lousy run of gratuities. I have been getting these groups that have been killing me. For example on Saturday I did 40 covers , tipped out $44 and walked out with $146. That is a lot of work for $146! Thank heavens my wife who […]

A Feather In My Cap

The Director of Operations was in tonight making some observations and jotting down notes. He does that sometimes which is his job no doubt. I had this table of two which was pretty happy with my suggestions and commented to me how they enjoyed their dinner. Anyway I am at the bar picking up a […]

The Big Reason Many Managers Lose Their Jobs

Here is what happens in a lot of cases. The new manager comes in and no one knows or has seen this person before. The manager is ready to make some changes and gets the staff to do things that need to be done in the first little while. Things appear to be going smoothly […]

I’m Ready!

Here is how it is shaping up for a year from now. In other words here is what is on the to-do list for this year barring any unforseen events taking place. Our two boys will have completed 3 more sessions each of swimming lessons. My youngest boy will have played a season of winter […]