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I Was Lucky Tonight

This morning my wife had one table for breakfast and made $9. At noon I asked my neighbour who is a Bar Manager at this rib place if he has been busy. He has been so slow that in the evening he has cut it down the last couple of nights to just the waiter […]

If You Are Not Doing This Right Now You Are Not Making Enough Money

Everybody should be making great money this time of year no matter what because people are in the spirit of giving but as a waiter or bartender to open up their wallets even more you have to do this one thing this time of year. When you present the tab at the end of the […]

It’s Started

Last night at work was busy and now I feel that the Season is upon us. It was the busiest Friday in a few weeks. The people were drinking more , eating more , conversing more , and the tables were bigger than usual. My average cheque was higher so I made good money without […]

Bring it On I Say

You know it when you feel it. As a server and things are humming something clicks and you become calm and find yourself in a zone. I feel I am getting in that zone right now peaking toward Christmas. Friday and Saturday were very busy with 2-3 hour waits. My section was humming and on […]