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The Great Energizer

I am usually tired when I go to work or teach. I get up early enough and busy all day then in the afternoon I may take a quick nap but usually there are things to do. Getting in the car , I can hardly keep my eyes open when driving. Yawning , trying to […]


Today for the liquor portion of the week I will talk about Chartreuse which to this day is made by monks and the recipe remains a secret to this day on how to make it. It was 1605 when a recipe was given to the Carthusian monks located in Voiron France near where Grenoble is […]

Chenin Blanc

I chose Chenin Blanc to talk about this week as it is a grape that is very versatile. It can make deliciously long lived sweet wines and even be the raw material for sherry , port , and brandy in South Africa. For about 500 years from the ninth century the home of Chenin Blanc […]

Cognac And How It All Started

A couple of weeks ago we talked about eau de vie that were distilled from fruits such as Kirsch. Now this week we will talk about eau de vie distilled from wine. The Dutch term ” Brandewijn ” is used to describe what is know as ” burnt wine” when heat is applied to wine […]

Disco… Disco Duck….Disco…..Disco Duck

Just offhand that you have not been following this blog on Mondays , what I am doing weekly , except for last week , is trying to go through every place I have ever worked in this business. Two weeks ago is when I let the night club manager count my cash and ran off […]

Pinot Noir

This is Thursday when we talk about vitis vinifera or what we know as the group of grape varieties that dominates the wine list when we go out to a restaurant. Today I will provide information on Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is what is commonly referred to the ” heartbreak grape” because it is a […]