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This Happens More Than You Think

The other day where my wife works someone called in after eating at her restaurant two weeks ago. It was another server but anyway the lady says she thinks she overtipped $10 and would like that amount back in the form of a gift card. The waiter had to buy her a gift card for […]

That’s 3 Saturdays in a Row

Three Saturdays in a row when I made over $200. The last table left me $30 which put me over the top. My sales were net $1460 and after tipping out $54 I walked out with $205. That is okay.

I Made $241 on a Slow Night

Well not really but sort of. For the second time in 4 tries I won the football pool and $100 so on top of what I earned on the floor it made a total of $241. I had to chuckle cause I was the only one to pick Kansas City on Monday night and the […]

The Answer to The Question on Tuesday

The answer to the quiz is the Airport. And that is where my new job is going to be. I gave my notice tonight to start working in a couple of weeks in a restaurant in the Airport. It is exciting. High turnover , people going on vacation , it is like a ship on […]

How Much To Give The Doorman, And Other Great Mysteries Of Holiday Tipping : Monkey See : NPR

Steve Dublanica , the author of Waiterrant , is interviewed on what people should tip and talks about his new book entitled ” Keep the Change.” He talks about why people should tip generously and the long term benefits of doing so. I bought Waiterrant and enjoyed the book immensely. The second book enlightens people […]

The State of Mind The Guest Is In Makes the Difference

I haven’t posted lately so that I could catch up on some rest and do something else rather than plant myself in front of the computer. In fact it does one good to switch focus once in a while as family members have taken turns being sick in the house whereas I have so far […]

On Top Of My Game

On Wednesday night it was pretty dead but I did get 5 tables. Now you know when it is slow like that you gotta make every table count. Well my totals for the night were $881 net sales on 19 covers. Not especially a lot but I walked out with $132 after tipping out $28. […]

Half Year Earnings

So June is over and my wife and I have brought $30,000 home. July and August are slower so don’t double that to get our yearly income. It all depends on teaching as well on how it is looking for the Fall but we are pleased so far. We have a lot to be thankful […]

Waiting on Tables Is What I Do

At the beginning of the month I was wondering if all the restaurant goers decided to go on holiday at the same time. The first two weeks were brutal. Now heading into the last few days of the month it looks like we are on track to beat our earnings from last June which is […]

The Future of Waiting and Bartending As I See It

With the minimum wage increasing here in Ontario to over $9 an hour and $8.60 per hour for waiters I couldn’t be more elated. But I would just like to voice a concern or caution as to what effect this could have on waiting on tables in the future. First of all I want to […]