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The Middle Class is Getting Squeezed More and More

It is becoming more and more apparent that the middle class is getting squeezed. We got a hit in August and usually September and October it would work up till Christmas but honestly until December 10th rolls around it is only the weekends. I am more aware of looking for sales when I shop for […]

53 Years and Counting

Today I am 53 years old. I have the day off and just going to do a lunch with the wife.The only difference I find with waiting on tables now compared to let’s say 20 years ago is the morning after. I am not as limber getting out of my bed as I used to […]

Someone Should Kick This Guy in The Head!

So this hotshot 26 year old waiter who thinks he is better than everyone else says to me he is going for a quick smoke and can I watch his 3 tables. He leaves me his card. The host immediately sits 3 people in his section like an idiot because he didn’t tell her he […]

What a Way to Kick off the New Year

I started at 3:15 yesterday. I had a nice easy section of two tables of 4 and one 2. Just a 10 seater section. A no party section. I was pumped up and rarin’ to go. The waiters are all complaining of a slow start but I mentioned to one just wait till another hour […]

Natalie Maclean’s December 17th Newsletter

Here is the holiday version of the wine newsletter with all sorts of suggestions to what to buy at Christmas.

8 Most Exotic Drinks in the World by Katie at

Click on the title for these delicious drink recipes. Here are 8 beautiful exotic cocktails to enjoy while cruising on the high seas. Thanks Katie!

Wine Word of the Week by Tim Burke of the Palm Beach Post

Wine Word of the Week Well I am back to posting on wine and food as well as cruiseships. But this time I am going to use my twitter feed to pick out interesting articles for your reading pleasure. It is much easier and this way I can concentrate on the other blog about cruise […]