Monthly Archives: January 2012

Here is How to Make Really Great Tips

Be busy. Run food , help out wherever needed and work your butt off for your guests. Even though you are getting tips from just your own section if you work and stop talking and always be seen as keeping busy people in your section will notice and even the others who are not. Then […]

The Restaurant is Busy

In December we broke sales records and it looks the same for January. Only twice in January did I walk out with less than a $100 and that was $99 and $96. It is nice to work in a restaurant that is always busy. I am not sure many in January can say the same. […]

You Gotta Pay Yourself First

As a waiter you have to make sure you have some money saved up for emergencies and savings. If not you are just working for no reward. A waiter needs a holiday or some funds for things that come up unexpectedly. Like Rich Dad Poor Dad says pay yourself first. If you do not you […]

3 Things You Should Do To At Every Table

Number 1 is to put the guest at ease. This can be done by simply smiling and greeting them in a soft voice. Number 2 is to get them to like you. This can be done by simply saying something nice or funny that you can both agree on. Number 3 is to get them […]

When You Could Just Walk In and Get Hired

I was recalling when there were always plenty of jobs in this business. When in 1991 in Jasper I actually worked in 3 different restaurants at one time. I worked breakfast at the Lobstick Lodge till 11:30 then zipped to Mama Teresa’s, an Italian food restaurant, where I started at noon. Then I would get […]

New Year Goals

I would like to save a bit more money. Cut down on needless expense and save for a holiday in July and maybe a trip to Iceland next Christmas and New Year. Keep the credit card to near zero. Try to eat some good food and take a vitamin each day. Keep the hammer down […]

Customer DisService Documentary Airs in the States Tonight

At 9PM Eastern Time on CNBC. I got a part in it. 8Pm Central Time. Catch it. It is a pretty good show.

This Really Bugs Me

When people ask me if I can do a favour for them. Last night someone asked me that while my dinners were just getting ready to be taken out to the table. I wanted to deliver them and someone asks me that question. The person wanted me to water their table. By the time that […]

New Year’s Eve

I got home at 12:15 last night and for the first time my kids were still up so it was very special to share the moment with them. At work I walked out with $380. This morning I am hobbling around. Didn’t get to sleep till 4 this morning. Well bring on 2012!