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Some Tips On Storing Wine

There is a few things when you store wine for any length of time in a wine cellar that everyone should be aware. 1. Temperature. The ideal temperature of a wine cellar can range anywhere between 7-18C ( 45 to 64F ) with the ideal temperature about 11C ( 52F ). The most important thing […]

Some Wine Defects

We have all done it at one time or another when we open up a bottle of wine and notice something is not quite right at home. Or , at a restaurant everyone is laughing when the sommelier is waiting for someone to taste the wine to see if it is alright and the person […]

Pinot Noir

This is Thursday when we talk about vitis vinifera or what we know as the group of grape varieties that dominates the wine list when we go out to a restaurant. Today I will provide information on Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is what is commonly referred to the ” heartbreak grape” because it is a […]