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If You Give Me That Look Again I Want Another Waiter

I have this 9 top tonight. The guys are all drinking and there is this one asshole who thinks he is something else. Anyway before the meal started I asked if it was all on one bill and they say yeah. Okay that is a good start. Then there is this one guy who orders […]

You Sir Are a Wimp!

You know there is one thing that I do not like and that is when there is a guy and a girl sitting at a table and the guy is listening to the girl letting her tell him what he should eat. She begins by asking him do you want this or this or would […]

How to Be Popular with Co-Workers

People love a compliment even if they don’t believe it simply because for a few seconds in their life it makes them happy.Compliments repeated over and over again make people laugh because they know it is you being sarcastic.What I have noticed is even though I hurl out compliments to co-workers in the restaurant at […]