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The Weekly Quiz

A week has gone by so here is the next instalment of the Quiz. 1. The grape Breton in the Loire Valley is a synonym of what major grape variety? It is a grape variety that we know very well and is the major grape in Cheval Blanc? 2. What is the traditional practice of […]

It is Thursday’s Quiz

Another week has flown by and the only thing I can say about my night at work tonight is I didn’t make much money but some older woman said I looked like Leonard Cohen. That was a first for me and my wife wholeheartedly disagrees with that. I wonder what Leonard looked like when he […]

This Week’s Quiz Answers

1. The North American grape species is Vitis Labrusca. 2. Phylloxera was the deadly insect and the remedy was to bring American rootstocks over to Europe and graft them with the Vitis Vinifera varieties. Phylloxera cannot harm American rootstocks nor any rootstock that is in sandy soil. So we can say if it wasn’t for […]

The Quiz This Week

Last night was another easy night. I was closing and I got a first round of 4 tables then after only had two more. The restaurant is dead after 8:30 these mid week evenings. Fortunately though I had a 9 top that left me a very nice $66 on a $434 bill and another table […]

Answers to the Hard Quiz

Alright here are the answers. 1. Nebbiolo is the grape from the Piedmont region of Italy that makes the great Barolo. 2. “a la bouchere” is the name given to various dishes that will have a garnish of bone marrow. 3. Sole Colbert is sole of course filletted , then dipped in egg , covered […]

The Quiz

It is Tuesday again and we are getting ready for the great quiz. I am at a company baseball tournament today but not playing but did offer my services for the home run derby. If it takes place while I am there during the afternoon I am going to bat. It has been a few […]

The Weekly Quiz

It is Tuesday and I gotta do this quiz. Well actually I like to do it so here it goes. It is August already and soon the kids are back to school and I will be working for next summer’s holiday again. 1. The literal meaning of the word smorgasbord is a table of buttered […]

Here Is The Tuesday Quiz

Okay I have done the dishes and made the little guy’s lunch and now it is time for the quiz. Good luck! 1. In the Beaujolais wine region of France what is the dominant grape variety? 2. Galliano is of what flavour? 3. Which grape variety needs a longer growing season , Merlot or Cabernet […]