Monthly Archives: June 2011

People’s Reaction On My Last Night

You always get a few remarks on your last day which might indicate people’s mood toward the place in which they work. Some of the ones are: 1. I wish I was the one that was leaving. 2. Wish it was my last night. 3. You are a nice guy and smart getting out now […]

Sexual Harassment Expiry Date

A co-worker showed me something tonight that we had a chuckle about. On the bulletin board for the restaurant there was a letter stating what the rules were concerning sexual harassment. Fine , but it was revised September 1st , 2010 and expires August 31st , 2011. So we laughed. Does that mean on September […]

My Wife Starts a New Job Today

Since January 11th when my wife said good bye to her last job that quite frankly was getting on her nerves real bad she has a bit of time off to relax while I worked somewhere that made up for her hours lost. She hasn’t had that great a time coping with bronchitis then we […]

Don’t Say Anything or We Will Never Get Outta Here

Last night three of us are closing. Everything is done. I have swept and mopped the floor. We are all cashed out and have deposited our envelopes. All three of us have punched out as well then one of us ( not me ) ask if the morning staff will have plenty of rollups for […]

I Recommend This Book For Everyone Who Wants to Make More Money

David Hayden from has just released a book today called ” Tips for Improving Your Tips ” or as the title aptly says Tips2. David has tirelessly worked describing every facet of service in the dining room and from experience passes on what he has learned on how a waiter can improve his take […]

Gum Anyone?

I am shocked by the amount of gum I find that people take out of their mouth and stick underneath the table. Really is it so difficult to just take it out and put it in a kleenex or deposit it in the nearest garbage. Or even politely ask the waiter for something to put […]

My Kids Will Never Work in a Restaurant

My 7 seven year old says to me while I am saying good bye shortly after 1 to go to work, “Dad you know what I don’t understand? Me: ” What is that?” Son: “Why do you have to go to work on Father’s Day?” I replied back that is right and that is why […]