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Drink of the Week

For those hot summer days coming up here is an old standby you can always count on to refreshen your palate and quench your thirst. Fuzzy Navel In a long tall glass half filled with ice pour , 1 oz Vodka1 0z Peach Schnapps Fill with cold Orange Juice and garnish with a slice of […]

Some Fancy Drink Recipes

Here are some cocktails that are featured in the restaurant I work. Not your common everyday drinks but hey if you feel like living on the wild side try the following. Blackberry Martini 1oz Grey Goose Vodka1/2 oz Chambord ( French Black Raspberry Liqueur )1/2 oz Cassis10 Muddled Blackberries5 Mint Leaves torn and muddled1 oz […]

It Is The Tuesday Quiz Time

Okay I am going to make this difficult this time around for a change , okay? The answers will be posted later tonight as usual. 1. Today you see in the liquor stores many different flavoured vodkas that are used to make many different martinis such as your raspberry or sour apple martinis. However in […]

Tuesday Quiz Answers

Okay you have to admit in comparison to the earlier quizzes this one was not as difficult or was it? Here are the answers. 1. Malibu , of course. 2. The liqueur nicknamed the nectar of the gods is Forbidden Fruit. 3. Advocaat that comes from the Netherlands is the liqueur that goes into the […]

Answers to the Quiz Earlier Today

Okay here it goes. The answers from the quiz earlier today. 1. What also goes into the glass shaker for a Black and Tan cocktail that was not mentioned is 2 measures of Irish Whiskey. 2. Denmark is where Peter invented Cherry Heering. 3. Kummel’s main flavour comes from the caraway seed. 4. For a […]

It Is That Time Again – The Quiz

Okay here we go with the Tuesday quiz. The quiz that is both interesting and useless at the same time because most of these questions however interesting they may be , offer no real help in the day to day service we provide to the patron who comes for food and drink in our establishment. […]