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I Think I Won Again

Yes that is right another contest for highest average check was held this week and unless someone makes a huge night tonight I obtained the highest. This month I said this was going to be a good month and so far it is. Today enjoying my third day off in March. I have been upsizing […]

The Most Stupid Temperature of Doneness on a Steak

Medium Well. I say Medium Well because why bother just having a thin line of pink in the middle. Is that thin line of pink in the middle surrounded by well done meat all around it going to make a difference on how dry your steak is going to taste? Besides being silly, it must […]

A Small Price to Pay

Whenever there is a meal served to someone and it is not cooked properly there is only one thing to do to ensure the guest even considers coming back.If you cannot fix it either by doing a recook or offering something else you must buy it for them.Why you ask , because in order for […]