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Natalie Maclean’s Wine Newsletter

The first one of the year is out with some information on wine books etc.. I will be back with another post tomorrow. Click on the title to see it. Have a great day!

Some Tips On Storing Wine

There is a few things when you store wine for any length of time in a wine cellar that everyone should be aware. 1. Temperature. The ideal temperature of a wine cellar can range anywhere between 7-18C ( 45 to 64F ) with the ideal temperature about 11C ( 52F ). The most important thing […]

Some Wine Defects

We have all done it at one time or another when we open up a bottle of wine and notice something is not quite right at home. Or , at a restaurant everyone is laughing when the sommelier is waiting for someone to taste the wine to see if it is alright and the person […]

Carbonic Maceration and the Gamay Grape

When you nose a wine from Beaujolais other than the 10 Beaujolais Crus found in the region you might have noticed a bubble gum , banana aroma to it. This is due to the fermentation method used for the Gamay grape in the region called carbonic maceration. This technique is also used in some Rhone […]

Thanks for Stopping By

Just wanted to say thank you to all who are regular readers of waiterextraordinaire and also to those of you who have been first time viewers recently. I do try to make it as interesting as possible and it appears the word is getting out with my views on the upswing and the followers on […]

Oak and Wine

Oak is used most often for storing wine because it is easy to work with and is watertight unlike other woods. There are other woods that are utulized elsewhere such as chestnut found in some places like the Rhone Valley , but it is so porous and tannic that it has to be lined with […]


An interesting grape indeed and one that has travelled extensively before making it’s home in California , the wine attains a very high alcohol with a sweet fruit , nice acidity , and a bramble like jam quality. Some other aromas you may get on the nose are black pepper , dates , prunes , […]