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Cruise Ship Vacations are an Exceptional Approach to Travel

This article I had to post because it explains why so many are choosing to cruise for a vacation. A Cruise Ship іѕ аbουt nοt anything іf іt’s nοt аbουt having choices: sleeping іn frοm a late evening disco ɡеt-together οr savoring a cup οf latte аѕ thе sun rises over уουr balcony; dressing up […]

Ten Reasons Why People Should Consider a Career in Hospitality Industry

Little did I know back in 1979 when I took a Bartending Course that I would have the opportunity to travel , make a great income , have flexibility to do the things I wanted while working , and meet great people along the way. The top ten reasons I am still waiting on tables […]

The Book

There is nothing that is more exciting than putting your own story out there for other people to see.In this book of which I am co-author I have my story on how I got started in this crazy Hospitality Industry when I was 20 years of age and worked and traveled almost everywhere for close […]