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Here is the Quiz

Last week I got a lot of interest in the espagnole sauce. This week I don’t know what will happen but let’s give it a whirl and test your knowledge again. I am going to stay clear of Larousse this week. 1. Omelet Rossini has what two ingredients mixed with the beaten eggs before the […]

The 5 Answers

Okay here it goes. 1. Du Barry in French cooking will always contain white cauliflower in the dish. 2. Debarrasser la table will mean clear the table. The accent on the first e is missing but not sure how to get the French keyboard to get that fixed. 3. Crecy in French cooking will have […]

5 Questions To Test Your Knowledge

Here is the 5 questions for this week. Answers will be posted tomorrow. George you did well last week so let’s see if you can continue raising the bar for the others. 1. In classical French Cooking when you see the name Du Barry what vegetable will always be part of the dish ? 2. […]