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An interesting grape indeed and one that has travelled extensively before making it’s home in California , the wine attains a very high alcohol with a sweet fruit , nice acidity , and a bramble like jam quality. Some other aromas you may get on the nose are black pepper , dates , prunes , […]


Today’s wine post is about a fortified wine that comes from the island of Madeira which belongs to Portugal in the Atlantic. I have had the opportunity of stopping for a day at the port of Funchal doing a crossing of the Atlantic while working on a cruiseship. What a beautiful island it is too! […]


Called Cot in the Medoc where it produces an early maturing , soft , mouthfilling , low acidic wine , it is of not great significance. Where it is popular for winegrowers in the Bordeaux region is the Bourg and Blaye region. However finding a cot from there is difficult to accomplish. In Cahors where […]


Nebbiolo is one of those grapes that does well in one part of the world and that is about it. In California and Australia they are trying to introduce the grape but neither match where it’s home is in a corner of northwest Italy in an area known as Piedmont. Flanking the town of Alba […]


When you think of Rioja wines from Spain this grape variety comes to mind right away. It is the major grape variety in Rioja wines blended with Grenacha ( Grenache ) , Mazuelo , and Graciano. The latter being the most important because it makes the Rioja long lived , aromatic , and a delicate […]