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I Think I Won Again

Yes that is right another contest for highest average check was held this week and unless someone makes a huge night tonight I obtained the highest. This month I said this was going to be a good month and so far it is. Today enjoying my third day off in March. I have been upsizing […]

Roll Up The Rim To Win

For those of you living around these parts who drink Tim Hortons coffee hoping to win anything and all you get is ” please play again ,” I have some news for you. People actually do win. Someone I served last night won $10,000 last week on a roll up the rim to win. Unbelieveable […]

Working Breakfast

We went out for breakfast this morning which was different as usually my wife is working Saturday mornings as breakfast supervisor at a nearby inn.Our waitress did a good job but she had the look of having a late Friday night.As we were devouring our huge breakfast I couldn’t help but think of the time […]