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3 Things You Should Do To At Every Table

Number 1 is to put the guest at ease. This can be done by simply smiling and greeting them in a soft voice. Number 2 is to get them to like you. This can be done by simply saying something nice or funny that you can both agree on. Number 3 is to get them […]

How To Sell More Features

This works for me when I bring up any features we have. After my initial greeting and then telling me how they are I then say something like this. Now I know you just sat down and have not looked at the menu yet but I just wanted to let you know that right now […]

Sizing Up The Customer

I am reading this book called “Blink” and what it is about basically is how we within seconds make a decision about something. Then the more we think after that just confuses us until most of the time we realize our initial first impression was correct all along. For example , at the end of […]

A Delicate Situation

So yesterday’s post was what I do when I clear the table and there is still quite a bit of food left on a person’s plate. You will have to check it out for that full story but last night’s service brought on a variation of the quality check the waiter always does once the […]

What Do You Do When There Is Food Left On The Plate?

A fellow waiter last night brought up something that I thought would make for an interesting post and which your thoughts on what you would do in this situation would be fun to hear back on. You see the previous night he had a few cook ups on a couple of steaks at his table […]

Sell With Conviction

On Thursday night , as previously warned a week ago , people from corporate head office were paying us a visit to see how our restaurant was doing. What they do is pick and choose some employees who are working and quiz them on the menu , drinks , and wine knowledge. Since I was […]