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Newsletter vs.Blog

As you have heard over and over again I have a newsletter. It comes out once a week on Wednesday. As opposed to this blog I actually say something constructive. My newsletter is not a blog post. You will not find a wine review , a drink recipe on this blog like you will find […]

October 19 Newsletter

Sign Up Today! * required Email Address: * In this week’s newsletter I have included a quiz like I use to have featured about a year ago. The questions are just as hard but I have a little surprise for you if you get them alright. In order to take the quiz you have to […]

New Web Site and Newsletter

Hoping on Wednesday I can get this new website and newsletter started. It should be fun and exciting to say the least. The newsletter will happen once a week providing a cocktail of the week , customer service tip , something on wine , and a commentary of some sort yet to be decided. Tomorrow […]