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Marta Has An E-Book Out

Marta a fellow blogger has an E-Book available on her site that explains what goes down in a restaurant and what a guest should expect when they go to dinner. It goes into great detail on how a guest should act or react to certain situations that occur during service. Marta has tirelessly gone to […]

Waiter Nightmares

The other night I had the great opportunity of being filmed in action with sound bytes throughout the service ending with a 25 minute interview afterwards. It is all part of a customer service documentary that will be aired in the Fall on the Canadian Broadcasting Network on the show DocZone. Now there will be […]

One Week To Go

I am on the phone for the final stretch to drum up a few more $$ to help fund prostate cancer research. My goal is $200 and I am $95 dollars short so I am reaching out for some people to donate.For those of you who have given we thank you and for those of […]

Wines for the Top 10 Tough-To-Buy-For People on Your Holiday List

November 18, 2010 — “Wine is one of the few presents that makes both the giver and the receiver look good,” says Natalie MacLean, the red-nosed e-sommelier behind, Canada’s largest wine web site. “You look like you spent a bundle on the gift (even if you didn’t) and the recipients are happy that you […]

Question and Answer of the Day

Question : Why isn’t there degree courses in universities for waiters and bartenders like other professional occupations? Answer : Because no amount of schooling can ever prepare you for the first time you are in the weeds behind a bar or getting slammed in your section of the dining room during an evening dinner rush. […]

California’s Big Four Wine Regions | Types OF Wine City

Here is a nice post on California wine regions.

Wine Review: Powerful table wines – Telegraph

Here is a nice short article on big table wines and a tip on getting the best bottle of wine for your Christmas holiday in the last paragraph. Click on the title to link up.