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My Rant of the Week

To continue the thought I had last week about why the Hospitality Industry may be short of employees I have something else to add. I am not looking at changing or making a move up anywhere. In fact if there is an opportunity to make more money I just need to work more hours at […]

This is All the Company Pays You

I got this off a tape and I thought it was pretty good. Employee: I only make this much money. Friend: Isn’t there other people in the company that make 2,3,4,5 times more than you make? Employee: Well yes there are others who make more than I do. Friend: Well then if there are others […]

It Has Been Totally Awesome!

It has been a week since my last post. The next day I was going to post something but with the kids out for Spring break I decided to delay it a day. Then the next day came and I didn’t post anything and the whole week just continued like that. For the past year […]

Last Night

Okay in my previous post I mentioned I had a bad gratuity night. This is not normally the case but let me explain what happened. I have this 4 table section which is easy enough. I have a two top eating their mains , another 4 top eating their mains , the other table still […]

The Answers To This Mornings Quiz

Here we go with the answers. This wasn’t so easy this week. I have another book I found in the closet that I am using to refresh my memory on some things I have learned in the past. You should get at least one of these right though. 1. A Vodka and Cranberry is what […]

The Quiz Of The Week

Here is the Tuesday quiz all set ready to go right now. Good luck to you all. 1. A Vodka and Cranberry goes by what name of cocktail? Yes there is a name given to this drink. 2. What is the name of the cocktail that has Tequila replacing the vodka in a Bloody Mary? […]

The Quiz For This Week

Here we go for this week’s quiz. Good luck to all! 1. What is the well known brandy from Greece called? 2. What is the name of the German brandy based herb flavoured bitters usually sold in single-nip portions and consumed in one quick gulp? 3. What grape is best known for making great vintage […]