Monthly Archives: December 2008

Should a Waiter Have The Right To Refuse To Wait On a Table?

The other night I had this table come and it was the second straight time I had to serve them. They are rude , oblivious to the fact that there are actually other people in the restaurant that have to be served as well , and when they order this one lady will order for […]

St.Petersburg Russia 1992

During my first contract with Renaissance Cruises I worked on two ships that enable me to see over 20 countries during a 6 month contract. During the Scandinavian portion of the contract we visited places like Stockholm , Copenhagen , Helsinki , and Taillin but there was one stop that was really exciting for me […]

Cognac And How It All Started

A couple of weeks ago we talked about eau de vie that were distilled from fruits such as Kirsch. Now this week we will talk about eau de vie distilled from wine. The Dutch term ” Brandewijn ” is used to describe what is know as ” burnt wine” when heat is applied to wine […]

Disco… Disco Duck….Disco…..Disco Duck

Just offhand that you have not been following this blog on Mondays , what I am doing weekly , except for last week , is trying to go through every place I have ever worked in this business. Two weeks ago is when I let the night club manager count my cash and ran off […]

If You Are Not Doing This Right Now You Are Not Making Enough Money

Everybody should be making great money this time of year no matter what because people are in the spirit of giving but as a waiter or bartender to open up their wallets even more you have to do this one thing this time of year. When you present the tab at the end of the […]

Merry Christmas to All

Wishing everyone out there a great holiday and thank you for reading. Be safe and have lots of fun. Taking a week off as I will be too busy eating and making merry. My next post will be on Monday, December 29th. Steven

Gotta Love It!

Back after 4 days off. Worked 5.5 hours and walked out with $185. If only every night was like that. Just 3 more work nights till Christmas. Easy money and not too many hours. People are spending money and sitting and enjoying themselves for a change rather than eating and running.