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What a Night

I started at 5:30 and had tables 1 through 4. They joined 1 and 2 together then 3 and 4. So I had one party of 8 and another of 7. I waited till 7 for the 8 to arrive then another 30 minutes before the 7 top which actually turned into a five. Just […]

I Want to Pay With My Credit Card Cause He Was Drinking and The Cops Are Everywhere!

I pull up in the restaurant parking lot today and it is looking pretty dead. Not many cars and I figure sure I will get my 5-6 tables and that will be it.Then I find out I am sharing a party of 40 at 8PM with two other waiters. Okay I figure maybe this could […]

This Week’s Quiz Answers

1. The North American grape species is Vitis Labrusca. 2. Phylloxera was the deadly insect and the remedy was to bring American rootstocks over to Europe and graft them with the Vitis Vinifera varieties. Phylloxera cannot harm American rootstocks nor any rootstock that is in sandy soil. So we can say if it wasn’t for […]

I Guess I Should Be Talking About Something More Serious…

But here I am on my day off while the kid’s are in school this afternoon having some Cava and smoked salmon from Denmark with my wife on a beautiful sunny day. I honestly don’t have anything else to say. What do you do on your day’s off?????

Here Are the Answers

For today’s quiz here are the answers. It wasn’t that easy was it. 1. That Bordeaux red wine grape variety that makes such fine ice wine out here in these parts is the Cabernet Franc. 2. That great grape growing region that makes some nice wines from Lebanon is the Bekka Valley. 3. All the […]

The Host Is Right

Last night I get a small , stupid section of 3 tables. One of the tables was already started by another waiter who was in earlier than I and that table was not mine until 2 hours after my start time. Therefore I really only had two tables to work with for the longest time. […]

The Big Reason Many Managers Lose Their Jobs

Here is what happens in a lot of cases. The new manager comes in and no one knows or has seen this person before. The manager is ready to make some changes and gets the staff to do things that need to be done in the first little while. Things appear to be going smoothly […]