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Start of A New Life

My blog on Monday for the last few months has been a chronological sequence of my job history in the hospitality industry since I took a bar tending course back in 1979 to where we are now which is March 10th , 1996. This is the day I left the cruise ship in Singapore where […]

More About Working On The Cruiseships

To continue on about working with Renaissance Cruises between 1992-96 which really if I can say so myself was probably the highlight of my entire hospitality career up to now and will remain there. I was a couple of weeks before my 33rd birthday and when I disembarked I had just turned 37 a month […]

Scotland 1995

Between contracts on the ship I always managed to get away to somewhere so it was 3 weeks in July I was touring around the British Isles. I was seeing this time around Scotland , Ireland , and Wales. I had a Brit Rail pass and if you want to know something I used it […]

The First Time and the Last Time For This – Phuket Thailand

It is Wednesday and welcome to the first segment on places I have been and some memories of each place. I hope to travel more in the future but as some of you can appreciate it is easier if all you have to do is pack your toothbrush with some clothes and have the passport […]