Monthly Archives: March 2009

The Answers

Okay how did you all do on this one. It was a bit tricky wasn’t it? Or maybe not , who knows. 1. The proper way to serve Sambuca is in a pony glass with 3 coffee beans and lit. Don’t forget to tell the guest it is lit , eh? 2. The father of […]

It Is Quiz Time Again

Boy that week sure went fast so now it is time once again to bring you the Tuesday Quiz. Answers later…. 1. What is the traditional way of serving Sambuca to a guest? 2. Who is credited with being the father of bourbon whiskey and where did he make his first bourbon whiskey back in […]

To Renaissance Cruises and Back to Renaissance Cruises , Say What?

January 5th 1992 I flew to join the Regina Renaissance that was being built in Marina di Carrara Italy. It was exactly a year after I arrived in Jasper Alberta on that day when I took off from Edmonton to London via Toronto , then on to Pisa Italy. As waiters we didn’t do a […]

Roll Up The Rim To Win

For those of you living around these parts who drink Tim Hortons coffee hoping to win anything and all you get is ” please play again ,” I have some news for you. People actually do win. Someone I served last night won $10,000 last week on a roll up the rim to win. Unbelieveable […]

The Bartending Course

Last week I completed one bartending class and next week finish up another. For those out there wondering how I go about teaching the course here is an outline of each week and what is all involved. The other day I was picking up our new van when I ran into a former student who […]


An interesting grape indeed and one that has travelled extensively before making it’s home in California , the wine attains a very high alcohol with a sweet fruit , nice acidity , and a bramble like jam quality. Some other aromas you may get on the nose are black pepper , dates , prunes , […]

Sizing Up The Customer

I am reading this book called “Blink” and what it is about basically is how we within seconds make a decision about something. Then the more we think after that just confuses us until most of the time we realize our initial first impression was correct all along. For example , at the end of […]