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Carbonic Maceration and the Gamay Grape

When you nose a wine from Beaujolais other than the 10 Beaujolais Crus found in the region you might have noticed a bubble gum , banana aroma to it. This is due to the fermentation method used for the Gamay grape in the region called carbonic maceration. This technique is also used in some Rhone […]


Chardonnay , unlike Pinot Noir last week’s grape variety , is very easy to grow. It can grow in warm or cool climates and this together with it’s world wide popularity makes this grape the vitner’s favourite. It buds early and ripens early just after the Pinot Noir so it makes for a good grape […]

It Starts Tomorrow

If any of you read my last post it was all about the campers , etc. Today I just want to mention that last night how nice all the people were and how generous they were as well. My tip average was over 18% and I walked out of there with over $200 after the […]