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It is Thursday’s Quiz

Another week has flown by and the only thing I can say about my night at work tonight is I didn’t make much money but some older woman said I looked like Leonard Cohen. That was a first for me and my wife wholeheartedly disagrees with that. I wonder what Leonard looked like when he […]

Quiz Answers Second Instalment

Well I hope you are having some fun as I am doing this. Here are the answers. 1. Grappa is to Italy what Marc is to France. Therefore Marc is the answer. 2. The customary way in which the French drink Marc is to dip a sugar cube in the Marc and suck the spirit […]

It is the Tuesday Quiz

Well last week’s first instalment was fun and some of you are pretty smart out there in blog land so I am happy to tantalize those brain cells out there again this week. The answers will appear later on this evening so here it goes. Good luck! 1. Grappa as we know is made from […]