Monthly Archives: February 2012

I Noticed Lately No One Wants to be a Waiter

I haven’t blogged very much lately. February was very busy and the time I have had off I spend it with the kids and wife. Last weekend I finally asked for a Saturday and Sunday off and the kids spent an overnight at a friend’s place so the wife and I went out for the […]

I Felt Like a Millionaire

Last night it was really busy. I am about to give the check to this table and I pull out a bill fold on the pile. In it there is $10. There was no one around so I decide to put the bill into my wallet for safekeeping. The evening continues on and no one […]

The Time We Were Told It Was Just a Power Failure

The actions of the Costa Concordia captain brings to mind something I experienced when I worked on a cruise ship. It was about 9:30 at night when I was upstairs working the dessert buffet when all of a sudden the lights went out and we were without power. The ship was drifting and over the […]

53 Years and Counting

Today I am 53 years old. I have the day off and just going to do a lunch with the wife.The only difference I find with waiting on tables now compared to let’s say 20 years ago is the morning after. I am not as limber getting out of my bed as I used to […]