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A Good Idea Passed On To Me

Saturday night was humming as we did over 600 people with a two hour wait. Friday was not so bad either so the weekends are at least looking up. The gift cards are driving the traffic. On Saturday I had $623 in gift cards out of my $1232 sales so you can see where we […]

Side Plate Removal

It is not uncommon while the guests are eating their main course during a banquet dinner to start clearing the side plates and bread baskets off the table. Now what a lot of waiters do at our place is if the guests have ate all their bread and there is none left we will move […]

5 Tables and That Was It

No need to go in great detail but $83 for a Friday night two weeks before Christmas is not very good at all. Yes I did it in 5 tables but I had one table that sat there for over two hours and left me a tip of $10 on a $75 dollar bill. It […]

By The Way – Thanks

Just a quick note to thank all of you who take the time to look at the blog. There is a lot of us who are in the restaurant industry out there who have started up a blog as well. I am up to 22 followers which I think is outstanding. I will try to […]

Stay Focused

When somebody asks for something , no matter how weird it is , just get it. Even if they asked for ice cream with their steak. Just get it and forget about it. Who cares! Making a big deal of anything and by that I mean what you are thinking of will just ruin the […]

Here is a Tip

When doing a quality check on a steak and let’s say the guest has cut just the outside part of the steak and they say it is a tad overcooked have them cut the steak in the centre. Many times when they do that they will see it will be cooked just right. You can […]

People Are Getting Stupider and Stupider

It wasn’t busy last night but I get this table about 9ish. The couple sit down and the guy orders a filet with mashed potatoes and au jus on the side with a skewer of shrimp. Okay so his wife or date or whoever orders the mushroom balsamic chicken but without the mushrooms. Yeah sure…. […]