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Don’t Try To Change The Guest’s Eating Habits

This table comes in tonight and they were at the bar and had their drinks delivered to their table in my section. They obviously have been waiting so when I greet them they are ready to order their appetizers. The lady wants 2 escargots without the mushroom caps and the guy wants a shrimp cocktail […]

Time To Start My Own Company

Had a visit with my Mortage Broker today. We received something in the mail from him asking us to give him a call for a free mortage review at our convenience so I thought rather than throw the opportunity away it would be a good idea to give him a call to see what’s up. […]

By The Way Fill Out the Survey on Homepage

If you pass by vote for what you would like to see on the right hand side. I have a survey going that will help me decide on where to focus. Any input is appreciated.

Cabernet Franc

The lesser known of the 3 grapes that make up the Bordeaux blend , Cabernet Franc buds early and ripens early just after Merlot and before Cabernet Sauvignon. While the latter provides the structure and tannin to a Bordeaux , Merlot the softness and suppleness , our featured grape provides the aromas. A lighter less […]

Personnel Agencies – No Thanks

I got a call today from a personnel agency asking what I was doing these days as he was going through some of his names on his file. Back in 2005 I was just graduating out of a Sommelier Course and was looking to use it in a position somewhere I could put it to […]

Innsbruck and Salzburg Austria 1989

Last weekend I was watching the downhill from Kitzbuehl Austria where the skiers are all hitting speeds of 120kms an hour in some parts , and one reason I enjoy watching this , aside from the race itself , is I just loved Austria when I was there. In fact I will even go as […]


Located between St.Malo and The Somme in Normandy France is the apple rich area of France known as Calvados where one of the world’s famous fruit brandies originates. With the city of Caen as it’s capital , this region of production was first named in 1949 and has 11 sub-regions within Calvados itself. The best […]

Settling Down Time 1984-86

So here I was in January 1984 working in this joint called Marilyn’s Hamburgers in Pointe Claire Quebec for this guy who had a personality of a sledgehammer hoping to find something that would keep me in La Belle Province ( Quebec ) however with my lack of French that was going to be a […]


Okay I am stuck with Youtube and after a day and a half have been unable to upload anything except a brief intro of me mixing some non-alcoholic drinks before commercial break on the ATV morning show last month. Error keeps popping up. It is time to consult or just hand the AVI files to […]

I Cannot Complain

It is now 1:12 AM and am here in front of the computer just home with a beer after closing another Saturday night where I work. It is a normal thing that I close on Saturdays. It has been since I think the end of November that I have closed every Saturday night. I am […]